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Sara (Henry J. Fate, Dealer in Everything)
Having finished my MLIS at McGill, I am now working in my chosen field of archives. This makes a huge change, but I don't expect the posting on academic topics to go away any time soon.

I'm currently bi-local between Ottawa (week days) and Montreal (weekends), and expect to be in Toronto semi-permanently by the end of August. I love all three cities, and consider all of them my home.

I'm a fangirl for the history of science and technology. I love archival work, probably above and beyond professional requirements. I read a lot, and particularly enjoy sf. I drink more tea than I should.

Friending is generally welcome.

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I'm frequently frustrated by the limit imposed on the "interests" field, so let it be known that I like just about everything.
1930s neurosurgical humour, academics, alphabets, amateur journalism, anachronisms, archival theory, archives, arthur conan doyle, astronomy, avoiding the word "paradigm", bach, baroque cycle, baudelaire, big words, boneyard man, cake, caleb carr, canadian politics, cartography, clocks, coffee, concerts, cowboy bebop, creative nonfiction, csi, david bowie, david hume, dead like me, detective stories, digital preservation, diplomatics, doctor who, dune, dvorak, edgar allen poe, edward gorey, english grammar, environmental issues, epistemology, extreme croquet, fortran, frank herbert, franz ferdinand, french language, gay detective movies, geocentrism, geometry, gnomonics, godzilla, grammar, green tea, harry potter, harry potter in translation, historic zombies, history of astronomy, history of computing, history of mathematics, history of science, history of scientific communication, history of thought, iggy pop, immanuel kant, indoor gardening, information technology, j r r tolkien, john cotton dana, journalism, kaiju eiga, lego, libraries, lou reed, marc bolan, mathematics, mechanical computers, medieval philosophy, medieval science, montreal, mothra, movies, mst3k, mystery science theatre, natural philosophy, naturalism, ndp, neal stephenson, new democrats, nick cave, nineteenth-century detective fiction, nineteenth-century horror novels, nonfiction, number systems, obscure fandom, obsolete technology, philosophy of science, physics, placebo, politics, preston & child, pseudogoth, queer issues, radiohead, rain, relic, representations of science, rhps, roald dahl, robertson davies, rocky horror picture show, rod serling, roger bacon, royal society, science education, science fiction, science in fiction, science studies, science writing, scientific journals, scream of the shalka, seventeenth-century anything, sf, shad valley, shadows, sherlock holmes, skepticism, social justice, space telescopes, steampunk, t-rex, tea, telescopes, textbooks, the baroque cycle, the cure, the other ninth doctor, the twilight zone, the x files, timepieces, tolkien, torchwood, toronto, translation movements, vannevar bush, variable stars, velvet underground, vocabulary building, wilkie collins, writing, writing about science, writing systems, ziggy stardust